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What is included in a typical house cleaning services?

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

We've all experienced it. The strenuous workweek comes to an end, Friday night arrives, and we eagerly anticipate a peaceful weekend at home or out with friends. As we step inside, we glance around and quickly realize that the prospect of a relaxing weekend is nothing more than a distant hope. There's a heap of laundry awaiting, the garbage needs to be disposed of, and when was the last time we gave the bathroom a proper cleaning? We can either resign ourselves to the idea that our weekend is a lost cause, or we can liberate ourselves by exploring the option of professional house cleaning services.

What to Anticipate When You Choose Professional House Cleaning Services

Whether you're enlisting the help of house cleaning services for a one-time deep clean or opting for recurring maid services, you can find options that cater to your specific cleaning needs. These services typically offer a range of standard cleaning tasks that are part of their comprehensive cleaning checklist. Here's a breakdown of the residential cleaning services you can expect:

1. Kitchen Deep Cleaning:

The kitchen is the heart of your home and often requires regular cleaning. This includes wiping down countertops and appliances like your microwave. Professional services will thoroughly clean your stove, stove hood, and drip pans to eliminate grease and grime, ensuring a sanitary cooking space. Many services also offer eco-friendly, green cleaning options for this food preparation area.

2. Laundry Room:

House clean-up services can also make a difference in your laundry room, even if it's not on your cleaning checklist. Lint, dust, and grime can accumulate quickly in this area, so they'll clean all surfaces, scrub the floor, wipe down windows and appliances, and more.

3. Living Room:

Managing your living room is a cornerstone of housekeeping services. This includes wiping down and vacuuming upholstery, dusting entertainment centers, vacuuming or mopping floors, and paying attention to details like getting under cushions and furniture. Just like the kitchen, this area benefits from thorough attention and green cleaning practices.

4. Dining Room:

Dining room cleaning services are often ordered for special occasions or holidays. Your dining room will be wiped down, polished, vacuumed, and dusted to ensure it's in perfect condition for your guests.

5. Bedrooms:

Trustworthiness is crucial for bedroom cleaning services, as they work in one of the most private areas of your home. This is a popular option for deep cleaning, especially if you're renting your space through platforms like Home Away, Airbnb, or VRBO.

6. Bathroom:

Bathroom cleaning is another common service offered. This area is one of the least sanitary in your home and greatly benefits from eco-friendly cleaning practices. From scrubbing grout to cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the shower and toilet, this service is essential for maintaining cleanliness, especially for rental properties.

7. Other Rooms:

If you have rooms or spaces not mentioned here, your preferred cleaning provider can accommodate your needs. One-stop Clean, for example, can handle a variety of room types and assist in creating a custom cleaning checklist.

What if you require other house cleaning services not listed here?

If you need additional residential cleaning services that aren't covered above, you're in luck. Professional cleaning companies, such as One-stop Clean, can design custom cleaning programs to meet your specific requirements. While these custom services may require extra time and expense, they are often well worth it to have your space cleaned to your exact specifications. Additional services may include garbage removal, power washing, green cleaning, and outdoor cleaning options. Contact your cleaning provider to inquire about the specific services they offer.

Why One-stop Clean is the Right Choice for Many Households:

If you're searching for a housekeeping services provider with a strong reputation for supporting clients through even the toughest cleaning tasks, consider reaching out to One-stop Clean. They have proudly served their communities for years. One phone call to them will result in an assessment team visiting your location to provide a no-cost, no-obligation quote for the services you require. Don't let your precious free time be consumed by the never-ending chore of home cleaning. Hire the professionals and get back to enjoying your well-deserved relaxation after a busy week.

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